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How to use this course for a company?

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Aims and Conditions

  • Be clear about your motivation. WHO in your company should take this course and WHY?
  • If you are considering making it a campaign, go for it. Be clear about who is driving it. Maybe yourself or someone of your company's AI-team?
  • Set a goal. How many of your colleagues should do the course? 1%, 5%, or more?
  • Clarify the rules for participation. For instance, can the course be done during working hours? If not, is there another compensation? Study groups are a great vehicle to create learning communities.
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What does success look like?

How will you measure participation, via registrations or via completions?

  • For tracking participation, consider establishing a channel for the participants to report their status, e.g. sending their certificate to a dedicated email address.
  • If you are game for a friendly competition, why not ask another company like a partner, supplier, customer, or competitor? Agree on a timeline and key metric, and off you go.
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Incentives for participation

  • Communities of practice or other forms of social learning are a great incentive (particularly in times of social distance).
  • A friendly competition might fuel motivation of some colleagues as it provides an opportunity to win together and have a fun interaction with the other organisation(s).
  • Visible recognition is appreciated by many, especially when announced by a senior member of the company, e.g. in the intranet, internal-newsletter, or monthly update.

Other incentives:

  • Access to further AI education programs upon completion.
  • Possibility to link this course with personal development goals and archive the certificate in the HR file.
  • Small gifts for graduates.
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  • Explain to your colleagues WHY your company is doing this campaign.
  • Clearly address the target group within your organization, unless it is really everybody.
  • Organize a kick-off event to create awareness and momentum.
  • Create/identify a space or channel where updates can be shared.


  • Let others know what you are up to and share the news on social media, press releases or such. For instance, talk about the kick-off event, the user experiences of individuals, updates on participation numbers, or how a potential challenge is going.

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