Foundations of AI: For Business

Foundations of AI is a free course about Artificial Intelligence. It is a self-paced entry-level program that is designed for individuals in companies. We aim to foster the adoption of AI in business by helping employees take their first step toward acquiring a basic understanding about its potential. The course is jargon-free, interactive and hands-on.

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What am I going to learn?

Module 1 - Why should companies care about AI?

Module 2 - Where can AI be used in companies?

Module 3 - What are the risks and limitations of using AI in business?

Module 4 - What are the implications of AI in the workplace?

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Is this the right course for me?

This course is designed for everybody who wants to get started with AI in a business context:

People interested in the economy

Employees of companies

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Post-graduate students

Champions for digital transformations

Companies and other organizations

No idea, no worries!

Learn about the possibilities of applied Artificial Intelligence, without any prior knowledge in Statistics, Programming, and Machine Learning.

Course Features

Expert interviews

Learn from AI Experts about their use cases and experiences

Practical AI use-cases

See how companies are using AI today

AI experiences

Get a feel for AI in action with hand-on experiences in your browser


Focus on business impact without getting too technical

Free and open

This course is free of charge and accessible to everybody

Industry proof

Learn from appliedAI’s experience from multiple AI projects in practice

This FREE course helped me to accelerate my career. Right now, I can use AI to do more targeted Ads. Thanks appliedAI

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