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Module 1

Why should companies care about AI?

Find out why companies should be dealing with AI now, looking at the new possibilities for innovation and productivity in the light of global competition.

  • Germany and the EU in the global AI landscape
  • AI as a source of creative destruction
  • AI adoption in German companies and startups
  • Technology trends in AI
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Module 2

Where can AI be used in companies?

Get insights in specific use cases along the process flow of common functions in companies and learn about the implications of AI for individual employees and the organisation as a whole.

  • AI in Research and Development
  • AI in Supply Chain & Logistics
  • AI in Production
  • AI in Finance
  • AI in Human Resources
  • AI in Marketing & Sales
Fo A Learning Overview Module3 01 01

Module 3

What are the risks and limitations of using AI in business?

Understand the risks of using AI and dive into the debate around ethics and certification, and first ideas how to prevent them.

  • Risks and limitations of AI applications
  • AI Regulation: Ethics, trustworthiness and explainability
  • Handling of AI related incidents and adverse events
Fo A Learning Overview Module4 01 01

Module 4

What are the implications of AI in the workplace?

Learn about the process and associated challenges with deploying AI at scale in a company and what it means for individuals and the organization as a whole.

  • Implications of AI in the workplace
  • Collaboration between humans and machines
  • Organizational challenges using AI

The modules 3 and 4 consist of parts from the BMBF-funded course "Einf├╝hrung in die KI" which is fully published on ki-campus.org.

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