About us


What is appliedAI ?

appliedAI is Germany's largest initiative for the application of AI technology with the vision to lift the whole country into the AI age. appliedAI was formed as a neutral and trustworthy initiative that acts both as a platform and service provider. We take our responsibility in the ecosystem seriously and aim to advance each and every partner to the next level of AI maturity. We work on the technological challenges, both in the application and applied research, from a strategic and innovation standpoint as well as with a perspective on education and people development. Our activities and services are primarily determined by the partners that join the initiative. Our founding partners were among others BMW, Google, Infineon, Linde, NVIDIA, and Siemens.

appliedAI is part of UnternehmerTUM. UnternehmerTUM is one of the largest innovation centers in Europe and a non-profit. As a neutral platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, more than 200 employees serve more than 2500 individuals, >100 startups, and >100 companies per year.


The Regierung von Oberbayern

The government of Upper Bavaria is one of seven district governments in Bavaria. In the structure of the Bavarian state administration, they are the central authorities for the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach administrative district. The district government represents and represents the state government in the administrative district, but also the administrative district in relation to the state government.